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To Accelerate in your Career, your number one priority must be to bring Self-Discipline in your Lifestyle.

To Inculcate this habits, I have created The 5-Days CEO Twist.


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Ashok Gautam

Ashok Gautam

Executive Director & Head Treasury, IDBI Bank

Vikram has a unique style of engaging with the audience by constantly asking questions, inviting them to think and response, exciting them about what is coming next. This engagement has flow and absolute brilliance to it yet is so down to earth. Through his direct engagement with audience he brings clarity to their thought process. He also leads them to set their own goals and take daily actions to achieve those goals.

Praveen Singh

Praveen Singh

Director, Financial Services Group, AI Mulla Group Holding Co. Kuwait

Vikram is one of the finest coaches and facilitators I have had the pleasure of working with. The energy that he brings to each conversation is infectious.
Through his work, he has built an almost unparalleled expertise in human behavior and psyche. Every conversation with Vikram has led to a new insight for me.

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About Vikram

I'm the Author of the Amazon's Bestseller "IRRESISTIBLE WORKPLACES", Leadership Facilitator and a Coach and have trained over 30,000 people across industries across levels.

I am the host of "Vikram Duggal Talk Show where I share my experiences of over 34 years of professional journey. I am also the Creator of CATS - Career Acceleration Through Self-Discipline - A program that initiates you into your journey of growth.

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