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Are you feeling stuck in your career !?

May be you're not enjoying the work you do, or feeling burn-out !?

Here's the thing...

61% working professionals feel burned out at work !

81% working professionals keep looking for 'right' opportunity !

71% working professionals are unhappy with their career !

Are you one of them ? Is that making you feel literally stuck ?

I totally get it.

  • Pains of Working Professionals: You don't get to do the work that you love to, there are hardly any learning opportunities, promotions are at the whims of superiors and the list goes on. 
  • You keep saying to yourself: Is this way of life going to continue? You feel like giving up everything.
  • There is hardly any alternative. When you seek an answer, there is no one to provide that!
  • Searching for the solution at the right place: The solution is closer and easier than what you are making it out to be. 
  • Lack of SELF-DISCIPLINE has taken the form of various unproductive habits and the price you are paying for that is HUGE - your career growth as well as your happiness and well-being.
  • The solution is only one: take charge of your career. 

With my experience and interaction with over 30,000 working professionals across sectors, I understand the seriousness of your problem and I am here to help you !

Career Acceleration Through Self-Discipline (CATS)

5-Day Bootcamp

In the CATS bootcamp, you will get to know those tiny habits that increase your Self-Discipline and contribute to massive growth over a period of time. It will be done through a step-by-step approach so that you can immediately implement and experience the change.

The entire interaction revolves around bringing clarity to your thought process as to why it is important to install a specific habit, how it increases self-discipline and affects your career growth. You will also be able to understand the fastest way to bring it into action.

Here is What People are Saying...

What You’ll Learn in the Bootcamp...

This is a 5-Day bootcamp. Every day you will be required to invest only one hour. In that interactive session, you will get absolute clarity about the concept and how it will make a difference to you and your professional Life. You will be given assignments associated with the concept which will bring further insights about priorities that are really important.

Becoming More Aware of Self

Awareness precedes change. The more aware you become of yourself, the more your will experience growth and transformation.

Bringing Health into Priority

Recognising how good health influences productivity and quality of everything you do. That happens when you bring yourself to the top of your priority list.

Tiny Habits-Massive Growth

Your habits shape your Life. They consume all possible resources and make you feel empowered or leave your miserable. Your SELF-DISCIPLINE is the game changer to propel you on the path of career progression.

Continuous Learning Differentiates You

As you invest your time, energy and money in continuous learning, you start differentiating yourself from the world around you. It is all about making a beginning.

Healing Power of Gratitude

Practice of Gratitude influences your feelings in general and your way of looking at Life. You have so much to be thankful for yet there are chances that you take things for granted. Learn some simple techniques to make gratitude your second nature.

The Bootcamp Facilitator
Vikram Duggal

Vikram Duggal is an internationally certified Leadership facilitator and a coach with over 34 years of professional experience.

He is the author of Amazon Best-Seller 'Irresistible Workplaces'. 

He has influenced the lives of over 30,000 working professionals across sectors and at different levels of hierarchy. 

He uses a variety of Advanced Learning Methodologies to engage his participants. He asks Provocative Questions to make them think. He helps them to develop clarity about their careers and lives. 

In essence, he equips them with easy to use tools to work on their 'tiny habits', to become consistent and experience massive growth over a period of time.

Now he is on a MISSION to “Influence 1,00,000 working professionals to live up to their potential and lead highly fulfilling and purpose-oriented lives.”

What People are Saying About Vikram...

Choudary Babu

Director Housekeeping, 

Hotel Industry

My Career My Responsibility

“There is just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years that have profound impact on my life and Mr.Vikram Duggal tops my list! When I hear folks complaining about the career and life, I know they haven’t met Mr.Vikram Duggal.

Ajay Shesh


Brilliliant Concept

Brilliant Concept. Working Professionals must adapt to each of your words in thought, letter and spirit. Great job Vikram...

Rama Dasharath

Sr HR Professional

Goal Setting for Self Development

At Career Acceleration bootcamp, I learnt to be more focused and result oriented. Vikram Sir's approach is very unique for self development. Assignments are really exciting. I would recommend every working professional to attend Career Acceleration bootcamp by Vikram Sir 

What You will Learn

FIVE important things that you will learn are:


Self-Awareness - the key to personal growth. Through assessment, discussion and assignment


Clarity - Your actions are guided by your priorities. The most important being your health. Health influences productivity


Tiny Habits - How habits shape our Life and how it is so easy to change them when you focus on micro improvements


Learning - the key differentiator. How to make it an integral part of your Life to stay on the course of consistent personal and professional growth


Feelings & Thoughts - They are a part of your internal world and influence your overall outcomes. How to develop right feelings and thought patterns


What's More for YOU !!!

IRRESISTIBLE WORKPLACES is my first book. The book highlights practical strategies to build organisations where people want to be: Nowhere else, Doing nothing else, With nobody else.

The book has a special feature where views of 30 industry leaders are captured.

The book is an Amazon best-seller.

You will receive an e-copy.

Bonus 02: Guided Meditation

This guided meditation will help you in connecting with your deeper self instantly. You will experience much needed mental/emotional relaxation and bring back focus.

Bonus 03: Learning Source

Will you learn more if you know who to listen to? I am sure yes. I will share a list of videos that you must watch. Every video will add to your clarity and start taking decisive actions immediately. 

Bonus 04: Surprise

This will be revealed during the bootcamp only and I am sure, you will find this experience priceless.

What makes Vikram different...

He has been able to understand challenges working professionals face when it comes to personal growth. That is why he has made this bootcamp very simple to understand and easy to implement. 

Everything he shares has an element of personal experience and that is why he speaks with conviction. You can call it distilled wisdom of over 34 years.

All assignments are created to help you to rise in the level of clarity. 

You will remain fully engaged and there will be a dedicated time for Q & A everyday.


Will this be Live or Pre-recorded? 

Everyday there will be a LIVE session.

What will be the timings?

LIVE sessions will be at 7:00 PM every day.

I have a full time job. I am not sure whether I can make it every day. Will the recordings be shared?

Yes, you will get recording of all sessions except the final day.

Will the recordings be available for the life-time?

Remember, this is a LIVE bootcamp and not an online course. So recordings will be available only for a limited period of time.

Is this workshop only about outer persona?

This bootcamp is a combination of both. Inner as well as outer self because they influence each other.

Which language will be used for the bootcamp?

This bootcamp will be facilitated in English. 

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