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Weekend Workshop

Date & time :

26 June 2022

09.30AM to 1:00  PM IST


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What you'll be learning in Emotional Mastery Workshop

Identifying What YOU Want to Accomplish

You need to know where you want to go, only then can you find ways to reach there. So is true for Life. You must know what you want to accomplish and then make it happen. 

Know the Process of Achieving Them

What all it takes to achieve goals. There has to be a very strong belief as also the skill set required to make it a reality.

Develop Step by Step Approach to Achieve Them

After setting a goal to achieve, you must outline all steps required, resources you need to deploy and timelines to honour. That's when you set out to achieve your goals

About Vikram Duggal

Vikram Duggal is an internationally certified Leadership facilitator and a coach with over 34 years of professional experience.
He is the author of Amazon Best-Seller 'Irresistible Workplaces'.
He has influenced the lives of over 30,000 working professionals across sectors and at different levels of hierarchy.
He uses a variety of Advanced Learning Methodologies to engage his participants. He asks Provocative Questions to make them think. He helps them to develop clarity about their careers and lives.
Now he is on a MISSION to “Influence 1,00,000 working professionals to live up to their potential and lead highly fulfilling and purpose-oriented lives.”

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