How to Stimulate Career Growth with an Amazing Mindset

September 3, 2021


Do you want to grow in your career by developing an amazing mindset? Are you convinced that career growth needs an amazing mindset?

If you want to develop an amazing mindset for career growth then it requires a planned approach. According to various surveys conducted in the professional world, people fall short of their potential, either due to a lack of knowledge or lack of experience. Therefore, to live up to their potential, professionals need a guided touch with sensitivity. My suggestion is to take the first step by assessing your interests.

How to Stimulate Career Growth with an Amazing Mindset

How to Stimulate Career Growth with an Amazing Mindset
How to Stimulate Career Growth with an Amazing Mindset

Let us examine how people with an amazing mindset differentiate themselves from those with a fixed or limited mindset.


Amazing Mindset:

Professionals with an amazing mindset take calculated risks periodically which helps them move forward. 

To be able to take those risks, they continue to learn. 

They go out of their comfort zones and they do so consistently.

This represents an amazing mindset. Doesn’t it?

Fixed Mindset:

People with a restricted or fixed mindset represent that they know everything.

They demonstrate something known as KNOWITIS. This is an attitude that means that “I know everything”. It’s like a disease. This obviously keeps them where they are. 


Amazing Mindset:

With the intention to develop continuously, people with an amazing mindset continue to ask themselves as to where do they stand, both in the areas of hard skills as well as leadership and life skills.

These people conduct self-assessment on an ongoing basis and keep track.

This helps in formulating a plan for learning. 

I feel that up-skilling happens in the identified areas of improvement.

Fixed Mindset:

A restricted mindset limits them to think that they are perfect or that they are the best piece in the world and there is no need to change anything in them. Therefore, they remain as they are.

The way to initiate Self-Assessment:

You may start assessing the skills you have. And you need to ask yourself what are the skills needed to be effective in your current role and responsibility as well as the ones that may be required for higher roles. Also, You may continue to work on improving them and sharpen your saw. Eventually, you end up with an improved skill set.

Is this giving clarity on self-evaluation?


Amazing Mindset:

People with an amazing mindset are always ready to stretch themselves and make relevant contributions on their way forward. 

The point to note here is that stretching doesn’t mean stretching oneself to the breaking point. However, one goes out of his/her comfort zone to:

  • Contribute
  • To learn things
  • Do things differently or innovatively
  • Help others
  • Seek help

Their efforts demonstrate this continuously. Don’t they?

Fixed Mindset:

They have an attitude of “Why should I do extra work?” 

They feel that doing anything outside their defined role is a waste of time.

That is how they think, feel, talk, behave and demonstrate in their conduct.

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Amazing Mindset:

People with an amazing mindset take setbacks as stepping stones to learn and imbibe the experience to upgrade themselves.

After learning their lessons, they move on.

They do not remain stuck in a rut.  

The formula which they adopt is: LEARN – UPGRADE – MOVE ON.

They do not brood over their setbacks. 

In my view, the ability to handle setbacks shows flexibility and resilience.

Fixed Mindset:

Are the ones who give up.

Their language is: ‘it is not possible for me’. (QUOTE: It may be possible, however Difficult)

I cannot do it and so on, and remain stuck. 

They love to act like victims because being a victim is easy.

However, being a victim doesn’t take you anywhere.

It sounds like a pessimist. Isn’t it?


Amazing Mindset:

People with an amazing mindset are more than ears to receive feedback. (Example of Good Listening)

They are good listeners.

They work on the feedback which enables them to move ahead.

Accept the feedback appropriately. 

They follow these steps: RECEIVE – PROCESS – ACCEPT – GROW from it. (Systematic Approach)

Fixed Mindset:

Become defensive about the feedback which they receive. 

Remain closed-minded which becomes a hindrance to their growth. 

They feel that the one giving feedback is not right and that they are right.

They are unable to receive the feedback. (Example of Rigid Attitude)


In a work environment, you may notice that there are a few individuals who are more capable than you, having more skills than you, who are better at solving problems than you are. In some other areas, you may be better than others, however in some areas people around you may be better. Hence consider the following points in this regard.

Amazing Mindset:

People with an amazing mindset acknowledge such people and try to learn problem-solving hacks from them. 

They appreciate such people and become curious as to how others can solve the problem. 

They employ this technique: They become CURIOUS – ENQUIRE – FIND WAYS TO DEVELOP themselves.

Fixed Mindset:

Such people think that they are not smart enough. 

It is easy for others. 

They limit themselves to their shell. 

These people negate themselves by making negative assessments about themselves. 

They say to themselves that “Other people are born smarter hence they are better” and I am not like them. 

This is how they label themselves. Hence, breaking those labels is not easy.

What would you like to do to move towards developing an amazing mindset?

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About the Author Vikram Duggal

Vikram Duggal is a banker turned facilitator and coach. He is on a mission to Influence 1,00,000 working professionals to live up to their potential and lead a highly fulfilling and purpose oriented lives.

  • It is a very holistic approach suggested here by Vikram Sir. I have been following methods and suggestions by Vikram Sir for more than one and half year now. Benefited the most and I don’t doubt the mastermind community that provides me. Very grateful to him.

  • Boot camp is the amazing platform to stimulate the inner strengths, followed by Action Takers Club experience and Mastermind sessions really helpful to propel in the direction we desire with Passion and Happiness.
    Thanks to Vikram sir and Ritu mam.

  • Amazing mindset creates more positive approach towards your career growth , Very simple and easy steps as suggested by Vikram Sir really helps me to get clear perspective . Thanks a lot Vikram Sir

  • Thanks Vikram. Setting up a right Mind set and Cary it forward all the time for more than 100 days is the achievement I got after being part of it.

  • It’s very good analysis of fixed mindset and versatile mindset looking for growth. For growth, we need to do little extra, move out of comfort zone

  • This is really a wonderful read today. And I personally feel that people in any profession need to have that “Amazing Mindset” To leverage to their full potential.
    Being in that comfort zone really doesn’t serve in the long run. It keeps us in that same role, same position, same lifestyle and so on.

    Adding to this, going out of the comfort zone is painful and difficult in the beginning but once we do that things are much easier than what we people think it is/was.

    Thank you so much for bringing this out Vikram Ji. It’s really very important and helpful for everyone in any profession.

  • Vikram has the unique ability of weaving a career management topic in such a simple way that it is a pleasure to read and we come out of this article suitably enriched.

  • Very nice article which we need to keep an anchor for our career Journey, Career acceleration happens with careful planning and execution having the Amazing Mindset – Thank you Vikram

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